Why Studying in Au Lac Hue Vocational College

Date submitted: 28-08-2018

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– Free stay at the dormitory located on campus with 20 FACILITIES, FREE WIFI and 24 hours security.

– Enjoying at the SPORT CENTER: Gym – Aerobic – Yoga on campus with modern equipment.

– Enjoying the swimming pool 25 meter long inside the college.

– Enjoying the delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner right at the college’s cafeteria.

Especially, in the new school year, Au Lac Vocational College  offers 50% tuition fee for all students enrolled before August 30, 2018.

REGISTER NOW: http://bit.ly/XettuyenOnline


Successfully recruiting at phase 1, Au Lac Vocational College  continues to organize the second phase for the following majors:

–   Pharmacist.

–   Nursing.

–   Veterinary.

–   Cooking techniques.

–   Medico.

–   Preschool Pedagogy teacher.

–   And many more attractive majors …

Deadline for application and admission phase 2: August 10 – August 31, 2018.



–   High school graduates, equivalent.

–   Graduates of junior high school.

–   Students have completed high school but have not graduated.


For more information, please contact:
146 An Duong Vuong – Hue City (opposite the bus station in the South)
HOTLINE: 0979.880.333 – (0234) 3822.105


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