The Signing Ceremony Of Training Cooperation On Nursing In Japan

Date submitted: 05-07-2018

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On July 5, 1818, at Au Lac Hue Vocational College, a signing ceremony was held between Au Lac Hue Vocational College and Daystar International Investment Co., Ltd. At the signing ceremony, the two sides agreed to coordinate the training at Au Lac Hue Vocational College on the practice of nursing skills with three specific programs as follows:

  • Training for Daystar’s trainees under the nursing skills training program 1-2 months before their departure in accordance with the law and at the request of the partner.
  • Training by Vietnamese and Kaigo Japan’s midwives.
  • Training to provide nursing certificate for high school graduates and related pharmaceuticals in accordance with the law.

Candidates will find detailed information on tuition fees, scholarship policies, student support, and training programs at

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