New Opening Pharmacy Converting Class B12

Date submitted: 19-10-2018

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Wishing the students to successfully complete the course, and become a virtuous and talented person, to later walk along with seniors, physicians, devoted to health care for the people.

* Tuition fee support is available by October 27, 2018:

– Students who pay full course will be reduced  10% tuition fee.

– Students who pay from 50% tuition fee to less than 100% will be reduced 5% tuition fee.

– Training time: From 12 to 14 months (depending on participants).

– Course Duration: Evenings from Monday through Saturday.

– Entrance requirements: Students who have graduated from an intermediate level or higher in any major.

– Admission form: Review school records.

In October, 2018, Au Lac Hue Vocational College opens for enrollment the following majors:

– Pharmacist;

– Nursing;

– Veterinary;

– Cooking techniques;

– Medico;

– Kindergarten teacher.

In addition to the commitment to introduce jobs to all majors being taught at the college, students in Pre-school Education, Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurses will be given internship priority in Au Lac General Clinic and Au Lac Kindergarten School and given priority in employment after graduation.

For more information, please contact:

146 An Duong Vuong – Hue City (opposite the South bus station).
HOTLINE: 0979.880.333 – 0234. 3822105

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