New Opening Pharmacy Converting Class B11

Date submitted: 28-08-2018

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Wishing the students to successfully complete the course, and become a virtuous and talented person, to later walk along with seniors, physicians, devoted to health care for the people.

10% tuition fee reduction for students applying for the full tuition fee will be applied by September 15, 2018.

Students can register for the course by September 15, 2018.

– Training time: From 12 to 14 months (depending on participants).

– Course Duration: Evenings from Monday through Saturday.

– Entrance requirements: Students who have graduated from an intermediate level or higher in any major.

– Admission form: Review school records.

146 An Duong Vuong – Hue City (opposite the South bus station).
HOTLINE: 0979.880.333 – 0234. 3822105

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